Eating Out

Most of the time we cooked in our Apartment, but almost every evening we tried out a new restaurant in Šilo. The first restaurant we visited was called Portic and was a very traditional restaurant.


I ordered a huge plate of grilled vegetables with bread, which is usually served as an appetizer. It tasted very good and I was very satisfied with my choice. On a different day, we tried out a Pizzaria which was very near to the dog-beach. They even had a trip-advisor sticker in their window and expectations were very high. I ordered a Pizza Vegetariana without Cheese. I got what I wanted, but the Pizza tasted old and without love. Another restaurant we tried out was the restaurant Zeba. Well, this restaurant really surprised me with its two pages of vegetarian dishes and even two vegan ones. At first I wanted to order rice with vegetables, but that I had eaten the two days before so I decided for fries and a mixed salad. The salad was okay, but the fries were very greasy. We visited Zeba for a second time on our last evening in Šilo and on this evening I ordered a Pizza Vegetariana without cheese, which was really okay. The last restaurant we visited was called Ankora, the anchor. I again ordered fries and a mixed salad in the absence of any choices. Both were okay, but the Ketchup was stretched with water and hardly stayed on my fries! I’ve never experienced stretched Ketchup before!

Since Šilo is a tourist hot spot, the shops were open every day and until late in the evening. Just aound the corner of our apartment there was a bakery, and around the next corner there was a fruit and vegetable market. There was a small supermarket few walk-minutes away. But I only bought juice, Red Bull and some snacks. I couldn’t translate all of the ingredients and didn’t want to buy something not vegan. So I sticked to Soletti filled with peanutbutter and ketchup chips. I had brought some sweets and snacks from home with me, but I eat so much that they didn’t last long. Fortunately, the supermarket had vegan soy chocolate pudding, so my hunger for chocolate wouldn’t drive me mad.

fruit market silo


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