Why did you turn vegan?

At first I thought being vegetarian or even vegan is just a phase in the lifes of some people and that they sooner or later would eat meat again, because this is was normal people do. And that was exactly what I experienced a lot of time: friends would tell me they are vegetarian because they do not like meat or ate something tainted, but some months later they were omnivores again, so I never took them seriously.
I do not exactly know why, but in 2014 I started to do some research on the topic of veganism. Maybe it was because of my vegan tutor at university, who always gave us topics to write about like factory farming or zoo animals. I watched videos on YouTube by ‚Der Artgenosse‘, a very pale and angry man who stands up for the vegan lifestyle. On the 31.March I met an old primary school colleague and his girlfriend – both vegan. We went to McCafé and they ordered their coffee with soy milk. I was curious, but afraid I wouldn’t like the taste, so I took normal milk. I talked with them about being vegan and suddenly, I just knew that I had to try this. So I went to the next supermarket and looked for vegan food. I found some spreads out of hummus and vegan cheese. I also bought some bread for my dinner. I was very happy and smiling over my whole face bringing the groceries home. First I thought it would be very easy to be vegan, but then I told my family about my plans and their reaction was rather negative…

If you’d ask me today, I would tell you that there are too many reasons to just tell you why I am vegan in a couple of minutes. And I also do not really like to discuss this topic with people, who do not know a lot about this topic, but say that they want to know why I am vegan, even though they just want to tell my how tasty meat is. And cheese! They could never give up cheese! Even though they wouldn’t have to 😉
But yeah I would just tell them that I am against killing and exploiting animals, that I want to do something for our environment, and that I want to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


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