Carnival doughnut

There are two types of carnival doughnuts in Austria. This version is the less common one, usually found in restaurants all around the year as an dessert.

What you need:

175g sugar
250ml  water
6 tbsp  oil
4 tsp  baking powder
1 pack vanilla sugar
225g  flour
[2 tbsp] [cacao powder] (of you want dark dough)
1 pack soy cream/rice cream
dark chocolate coating

How it’s made:
Mix sugar, water, oil, baking powder, vanilla sugar and flour for the dough. If you prefer a dark dough, add cocoa powder. Then fill the dough into a baking dish. I used one for muffins. Do not forget to put some oil into the baking dish first! Then let it bake until you think your doughnuts are ready.

Try to get the doughnuts out of the baking pan and let them cool somewhere. When they are cool, cut them into halves, melt the chocolate (this is easier if you add some margarine) and dip the head-parts of the doughnuts into the chocolate.

Put your doughnuts into the fridge until the chocolate is hard again. When ready, prepare the cream as a filling. You can add fresh fruits or you can mix fruits to color and season the cream.


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