Potatoe casserole

Whenever I have a lot of time (and a lot of potatoes) I make a casserole. And this time I had a lot of cheese too! (Who claimed vegans have to be healthy?)

What? You never made a casserole before? That’s aweful.

…just cook some potatoes and prepare some legumes like brokkoli,  leek, or whatever in a pan with or without onions. It is a casserole, so there are no strict rules! Then take a casserole bowl and begin to cut the potatioes in wheels to make a floor out of potatoes. Put some of your legumes as a second layer onto your onions and thencovet it all with cheese! Continue with this layering system potatoes-legumes-cheese, until you are out of resources or your bowl is full. Then put the filled bowl into your oven at 180-200°C for half an hour or longer. You have to check yourself when it is ready depending on the size of your casserole bowl.




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